About us

Igor Keller established his own in the year of 1999, but there were others important luthier milestones preceding this event. Since he was thirteen, Mr.Keller fell for guitar making. It all started with one cheap acoustic guitar which was modified into something more modern.Igor and Mr. Turza from Kent Armstrong Many years passed and with gained experience of woodcarving & electronics, he was hired in Neuser guitar company. It was one of the most important steps in his career, where he learned more practical knowledge. Due family problems he decided to quit this job for more lucrative one. Igor

In the year 1997 Igor Keller met Mr. Gazdik, who was renown organ maker and restorer, and after short time they made contract and started to work as a qualified help and woodcarving restorer. These were the most important twists in his life before he started his own company. With customer in mind Master Paul started as a budget-friendly company. Although the most of the production were simple and for starters accesible instruments, with gaining recognition he made many exquisite and expensive guitars.

As years passes and borders of European Union opened, Mr. Keller felt strong urge to see the rest guitar-making Europe. It was all ment as a innocent trip to see friends in Amsterdam, but once stepped in the doorway of guitar shop The String, he knew that this is the place to stay. Among many wonderful people he met Richmond Van Gessel - jazz guitar maker. Besides that he became a member of the shop as a repairer, life with jazz guitars in Amsterdam opened whole new dimension. It was the year of 2005 when Mr. Keller started "whole new life" as a guitar maker. After several sold jazz guitars, it was all decided - this is nowadays direction of the production.